Waylon Jennings - 4 Classic Albums On 2 CDs

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1. Singer of sad songs
2. Sick and tired
3. Time between bottles of wine
4. Must you throw dirt in my face
5. No regrets
6. Ragged but right
7. Honky tonk woman
8. She comes running
9. If I were a carpenter
10. Donna on my mind
11. Rock, salt and nails
12. The taker
13. Youll look for me
14. Mississippi woman
15. Lovin her was easier (than anything Ill ever do again)
16. Six white horses
17. (Dont let the sun set on you) Tulsa
18. Caseys last ride
19. (Id be) A legend in my time
20. Sunday morning coming down
21. Grey eyes you know

1. Good hearted woman
2. The same old lover man
3. One of my bad habits
4. Willie and Laura Mae Jones
5. It should be easier now
6. Do no good woman
7. Unsatisfied
8. I knew youd be leavin
9. Sweet dream woman
10. To beat the devil
11. Ladies love outlaws
12. Never been to Spain
13. Sure didnt take him long
14. Crazy arms
15. Revelation
16. Delta dawn
17. Frisco depot (San Francisco Depot)
18. Thanks
19. I think its time she learned
20. Under your spell again
Tuotanto: Morello
Alkuperäinen julkaisu: 1970-72
Julkaisu: 16.7.2021
Formaatti: 2 CDs
Genre: Country, CD

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