Vince Gill - Oklahoma Borderline

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1. Victim Of Lifes Circumstances
2. Oh Carolina
3. Half A Chance
4. Dont Say That You Love Me
5. Turn Me Loose
6. True Love
7. Aint It Always That Way
8. Til The Best Comes Along
9. Livin The Way I Do
10. Savannah (Dont You Ever Think Of Me)
11. If It Werent For Him (With Rosanne Cash)
12. With You
13. Colder Than Winter
14. Cinderella
15. Somethings Missing
16. Lets Do Something
17. Everybodys Sweetheart

1. Oklahoma Borderline
2. It Doesnt Matter Anymore
3. Lucy Dee
4. She Dont Know
5. Losing Your Love
6. Baby Thats Tough
7. Ive Been Hearing Things About You
8. The Radio
9. Midnight Train
10. The Way Back Home
11. Waitin For Your Love
12. I Never Knew Lonely
13. Thats All Right
14. It Isnt Just Raining (With Pam Tillis)
15. No Place That Far (With Sara Evans)
16. I Wasnt Meant To Live My Life Alone (With Tammy Wynette)
17. Previously (With Brad Paisley)
18. Bigger Fish to Fry (With Brad Paisley)
Tuotanto: Unknown
Julkaisu: 2.8.2019
Formaatti: 2 CDs
Genre: Country, CD

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