Toy Dolls - The Albums 1983-87

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1. Theme Tune
2. Dig That Groove Baby
3. Dougy Giro
4. Spiders In The Dressing Room
5. Glenda And The Test Tube Baby
6. Up The Garden Path
7. Nellie The Elephant
8. Poor Davey
9. Stay Mellow
10. Queen Alexandra Road Is Where She Said She’d Be, But Was She There To Meet Me….No Chance
11. Worse Things Happen At Sea
12. Blue Suede Shoes
13. Fiery Jack
14. Theme Tune

1. A Far Out Theme Tune
2. She Goes To Finos
3. Razzmatazz Intro
4. Modern Schools Of Motoring
5. Carol Dodds Is Pregnant
6. You And A Box Of Handkerchiefs
7. Bless You My Son
8. My Girlfriend’s Dad’s A Vicar
9. Come Back Jackie
10. Do You Want To Finish…Or What?!
11. Commercial Break
12. Chartbuster / Razzmatazz Outro
13. We’re Mad
14. Wipe Out!
15. Florence Is Deaf (But There’s No Need To Shout)
16. A Far Out Theme Tune

1. Idle Gossip
2. Do You Wanna Be Like Dougy Bell
3. The Lambrusco Kid
4. You Won’t Be Merry On A North Sea Ferry
5. Harry Cross (A Tribute To Edna)
6. Geordie’s Gone To Jail
7. Silly Billy
8. If You’re In A Pop Group You’ll End Up Paying A Fortune Practicing At Peter Practice’s Practice Place
9. Pc Stoker
10. I Tried To Trust Tracey
11. Keith’s A Thief
12. I’ll Get Even With Steven (Steve Is Tender)

1. Bare Faced Cheek
2. Yul Brynner Was A Skinhead
3. How Do You Deal With Neal?
4. Howza Bouta Kiss Babe!
5. Fisticuffs In Frederick Street
6. A Diamond
7. Quick To Quit The Quentin
8. Now Can Compare To Sunderland Fine Fare
9. Neville Is A Nerd
10. Park Lane Punch Up
11. The Ashbrooke Launderette… You’ll Stink, Your Clothes’ll Shrink, Your Whites’ll Be Black As Ink
12. Bare Faced Cheek

1. Tommy Kowey’s Car (Original 7” Version)
2. She Goes To Finos (Original 7” Version)
3. Deidre’s A Slag (Strength Thru Oi!)
4. She Goes To Finos (Strength Thru Oi!)
5. Tommy Kowey’s Car (Ep Version)
6. She’s A Worky Ticket
7. Everybody Jitterbug
8. Teenager In Love / I’ve Got Asthma
9. Cheerio & Toodle Pip
10. H.O!
11. Alfie From The Bronx
12. Hanky Panky
13. Deidre’s A Slag (1984 Version)
14. Rupert The Bear
15. Nellie The Elephant (1984 Version)
16. Fisticuffs In Frederick Street
17. James Bond (Lives Down Our Street)
18. Olga… I Cannot
19. Griefsville
20. Geordie’s Gone To Jail (Japanese Version)
Tuotanto: Cherry Red
Alkuperäinen julkaisu: 1983-87
Julkaisu: 30.3.2018
Lisätietoa: Papersleeves in Stülpdeckelbox
Formaatti: 5 CDs
Sisältö: Toy Dollz - The Albums 1983-87
Genre: Punk, CD

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