The Divine Comedy - Charmed Life - The Best Of The Divine Comedy

Deluxe Edition

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1. Charmed life
2. National express
3. Norman and Norma
4. Something for the weekend
5. Songs of love
6. The best mistakes
7. At the indie disco
8. Bad ambassador
9. A lady of a certain age
10. Becoming more like Alfie
11. Come home Billy Bird
12. Have you ever been in love

1. Our mutual friend
2. Generation sex
3. How can you leave me on my own
4. Perfect lovesong
5. Your daddys car
6. Youll never work in this town again
7. Abset friends
8. Everybody knows (except you)
9. The certainty of chance
10. Sunrise
11. To the rescue
12. Tonight we fly

1. Ill take what I can get
2. Dont make me go outside
3. Who do you think you are
4. The adventurous type
5. When when when
6. Home for the holidays
7. Te amo España
8. Perfect lovesong 2021
9. Simple pleasures
10. Those pesky kids
11. Keine Titelinformation (Hidden Track)
Tuotanto: PIAS
Julkaisu: 4.2.2022
Lisätietoa: Triplesleeve
Formaatti: 3 CDs
Sisältö: Deluxe Edition
Genre: Pop, CD

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