Sister Sledge - Original Album Series

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1. Circle Of Love (Caught In The Middle)
2. Cross My Heart
3. Protect Our Love
4. Give In To Love
5. Love Dont You Go Through No Changes On Me
6. Dont You Miss Him Now
7. Pain reliever
8. Youre Much Better Off Loving Me
9. Fireman

1. Blockbuster boy
2. Do The Funky Do
3. I Was Made To Love Her (Him)
4. Hold On To This Feeling
5. As
6. Sneaking Sally Through The Alley
7. Funky Family
8. Baby, Its The Rain
9. Cant Mess Around With Love
10. My Favorite Song
11. Hands Full Of Nothing
12. Moondancer

1. Hes the greatest dancer
2. Lost In Music
3. Somebody Loves Me
4. Thinking of you
5. We Are Family
6. Easier to love
7. Youre A Friend To Me
8. One more time

1. Got To Love Somebody (Lp Version)
2. You fooled around
3. Im A Good Girl
4. Easy Street
5. Reach Your Peak (Lp Version)
6. Pretty Baby
7. How To Love
8. Lets Go On Vacation

1. All American Girls (LP/12" Version)
2. Hes Just A Runaway (Short Version)
3. If You Really Want Me
4. Next time youll know
5. Happy Feeling
6. Ooh, You Caught My Heart
7. Make a move
8. Dont You Let Me Lose It
9. Music Makes Me Feel Good
10. I Dont Want To Say Goodbye
Tuotanto: Rhino
Alkuperäinen julkaisu: 1975-81
Julkaisu: 14.10.2011
Lisätietoa: * Beinhaltet die Alben Circle Of Love, Together, We Are
Family, Love Somebody Today und All American Girls
Formaatti: 5 CDs
Genre: Disco/Dance, CD

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