Peter Frampton - Gold

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1. Its A Plain Shame (Album Version)
2. Jumping Jack Flash (Album Version)
3. All I Want To Be (Is By Your Side) (Album Version)
4. I Got My Eyes On You (Album Version)
5. All Night Long (Album Version)
6. Lines On My Face (Album Version)
7. Baby (Somethins Happening) (Album Version)
8. Doobie Wah (Live Version)
9. Nowheres Too Far (For My Baby)
10. Nassau/Baby I Love Your Way (Medley/Album Version)
11. The Crying Clown
12. Penny For Your Thoughts (Remixed Version)
13. (Ill Give You) Money
14. Show Me The Way (Live From The United States/1976)
15. Shine On (Live In The United States/1976)
16. Do You Feel Like We Do (Live In The United States/1976/2000 Remaster)

1. Im In You
2. (Putting My) Heart On The Line
3. Signed, Sealed, Delivered Im Yours
4. I Cant Stand It No More (Album Version)
5. Breaking All The Rules (Album Version)
6. Theme From Nivram
7. Lying
8. More Ways Than One
9. Holding On To You
10. The Bigger They Come
11. I Wont Let You Down
12. Day In The Sun
13. You
14. Waiting For Your Love
15. Greens
16. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Tuotanto: A&M
Julkaisu: 25.8.2005
Lisätietoa: digitally remastered
Formaatti: 2 CDs
Genre: Pop, CD

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