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1. The tennessee walts
2. All my love (bolero)
3. Mockin bird hill
4. I dont care if the sun dont shine
5. Would i love you (love you, love you)
6. Confess
7. So in love
8. With my eyes wide open im dreaming
9. Once in a while
10. Down the trail of achin hearts
11. Mister and mississippi
12. Detour
13. And so to sleep again
14. Come what may
15. Whispering winds
16. Conquest
17. Why dont you believe me?
18. My jealous eyes
19. Oo what you do to me
20. Now that im in love

1. I went to your wedding
2. (how much is that) doggie in the window
3. Allegheny moon
4. Cross over the bridge
5. You belong to me
6. Old cape cod
7. Changing partners
8. Butterflies
9. This is my song (pattis theme)
10. Steam heat
11. Let me go, lover
12. What a dream
13. I cried
14. Croce di oro (cross of gold)
15. Go on with the wedding
16. Mama from the train
17. A poor mans roses (or a rich mans god)
18. Belonging to someone
19. Wondering
20. Left right out of you heart (hi lee hi lo hi lup up up).
Tuotanto: Primo
Julkaisu: 24.11.2017
Lisätietoa: * digitally remastered
Formaatti: 2 CDs
Genre: Pop, CD

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