Lou Rawls - Top 40


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1. Youll never find another love like mine
2. See you when i git there
3. Lady love
4. Pure imagination
5. Groovy people
6. Aint that loving you (for more reasons than one)
7. There will be love
8. If i coulda, woulda, shoulda
9. Sit down and talk to me
10. One life to live
11. Spring again
12. Let me be good to you
13. Early morning love
14. This song will last forever
15. Some day youll be old
16. Time will take care of everything
17. Shes gone
18. A natural man

1. Fine brown frame (ft. dianne reeves)
2. When the night comes
3. Close company
4. Be anything (but be mine)
5. Youre my blessing
6. It never entered my mind
7. At last (ft. dianne reeves)
8. You cant go home (ft. george benson)
9. I go crazy
10. Now is the time for love
11. Aint that love, baby
12. Wind beneath my wings
13. Will you kiss me one more time
14. The lady in my life
15. In the middle of the night
16. Willow weep for me
17. Here comes garfield
18. Philadelphia international all-stars - lets clean up the gh
Tuotanto: Sony
Julkaisu: 11.5.2017
Lisätietoa: Digipack
Formaatti: 2 CDs
Genre: Soul & Funk, CD

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