Jaye.P Morgan - Thats All I Want From You

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1. Thats all I want from you
2. If you dont want my love
3. Softly, softly
4. Let there be love
5. Till we meet again
6. I pledge allegiance to your heart
7. Dont tell him
8. Mutual admiration society
9. Ifn
10. Why shouldnt I?
11. I see your face before me
12. Miss you
13. Are you lonesome tonight?
14. Will you still be mine?
15. Youre my thrill
16. Johny Casanova
17. Have you ever been Lonely?
18. My bewildered heart
19. Pepper hot baby
20. I fall in love with you every day
21. Pagan love song
22. My blind date
23. One
24. Do you love me?
25. Theres a dream in my heart
26. I guess Ill have to change my plans
27. You turned the tables on me
28. Take a chance
29. Love, your spell is everywhere
30. Cant we be friends?

1. The longest walk
2. Danger, Heartbreak Ahead
3. Dawn
4. My darling, my darling
5. Thoughts of love
6. Get up! Get up! (You sleepyhead)
7. Where are you?
8. The song is you
9. Day by day
10. Just you - just me
11. Somebody Else is taking my place
12. Just love me
13. Life was made for living
14. Theres a small hotel
15. You are my lucky star
16. Graduation ring
17. Two lost souls
18. Chee-chee-oo-chee
19. Ring telephone ring
20. Echo of love
21. Swanee
22. All I do is dream of you
23. I thought it was over
24. Sweet lips
25. Somebody loses, somebody wins
26. Then Ill be happy (I wanna go where you go)
27. As time goes by
28. Easy does it
29. My heart belongs to daddy
30. Youre driving me crazy
31. Not one goodbye
Tuotanto: Jasmine
Julkaisu: 16.11.2009
Formaatti: 2 CDs
Genre: Pop, CD

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