Jane Morgan - The American Girl From Paris Revisited

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1. Fascination
2. Its been a long long time
3. Im new at the game
4. The day the rains came
5. If only I could live my life again
6. Love is like champagne (Mon manège à moi)
7. With open arms
8. Im in love
9. Was it day, was it night?
10. Happy anniversary
11. Cest la vie cest lamour
12. The ballad of Lady Jane (My love doesnt love me at all)
13. The riddle song
14. Turtle dove
15. Molly Malone (Cokles and mussels)
16. Ten thousand miles
17. Kisses sweeter than wine
18. Scarlet Ribbons
19. Cotton eyed Joe
20. The foggy foggy dew
21. I know where Im going
22. Come all ye fair and tender ladies
23. Greensleeves
24. The sound of music
25. My favorite things
26. Clim evry mountain
27. My foolish heart
28. All the way

1. Arriverderci Roma
2. Tammy
3. Anna
4. Young at Heart
5. Everybody Loves a Lover
6. Catch a Falling Star
7. April Love
8. Till
9. Melodie Damour
10. Its All in the Game
11. Till the End of Time
12. Come Closer to Me
13. They Didnt Believe Me
14. Blue Hawaii
15. Just in Time
16. Opening-Fascination (Live)
17. Theme from Carnival (Love Makes the World Go Round) (Live)
18. You and the Night and the Music (Live)
19. Paris Medley: Stay out of Paree / Mon Coeur Est Un Violon (Love Is Like a Violon) / Sous Le Ciel De Paris [Under Paris Skies] / Petite Waltz / River Seine / I Love Paris (Live)
20. The Second Time Around (Live)
21. The Day the Rains Came (Live)
22. Lillian Russell Medley: Oh Those Hips, Oh Those Lips / Lillian / Life Upon the Wicked Stage / Dont Throw Stones at Mother / By the Light of the Silvery Moon / And More.. (Live)
23. It Takes Love (Live)
24. Fascination (Reprise) (Live)
Tuotanto: Jasmine
Julkaisu: 10.7.2015
Formaatti: 2 CDs
Genre: Pop, CD

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