Golden Earring - The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music


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1. Please go
2. Chunk of steel
3. That day
4. The words I need
5. Lonely every day
6. If you leave me
7. Waiting for you
8. Daddy buy me a girl
9. What you gonna tell
10. Dont run too far
11. Wings
12. Things go better
13. Rum and coca cola
14. In my house
15. Smoking cigarettes
16. Sound of the screaming day
17. She wont come to me
18. Together we live together we love
19. I wonder preview together we live together we love?
20. Ive just lost somebody
21. The truth about arthur
22. Dong dong diki dong
23. Wake up breakfast

1. Just a little bit of peace in my heart
2. Remember my friend
3. Where will I be
4. Its allright, but i admit it could be better
5. Holy witness
6. No need to worry
7. Lionel the miser
8. Gypsy rhapsody
9. Crystal heaven
10. Magnificient magistral
11. Must I cry
12. Song of a devils servant
13. Murdock 9-6182
14. Im a running
15. God bless the day
16. Goodbye mama
17. Angelina
18. Backbiting baby
19. The grand piano
Tuotanto: Universal
Julkaisu: 26.3.2015
Lisätietoa: Digipack
Formaatti: 2 CDs
Sisältö: The Golden Earrings - The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music
Genre: Rock, CD

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