Filmmusik - Music From The Westerns Of John Wayne & John Ford

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1. "Stagecoach" (Main Title)
2. "Stagecoach" theme
3. Bury me out on the lone prairie
4. Ten thousand cattle
5. I dream of Jeannie with the light brown hair
6. Gentle Annie
7. Little Joe, the wrangler
8. The trail to Mexico
9. Joe Bowers
10. Careless love
11. Carry me back to old Virginny
12. The battle cry of freedom
13. "Fort Apache" (Main Title)
14. Sweet Genieve
15. Oh, dem golden slippers
16. Beautiful dreamer
17. Home sweet home
18. Good night, ladies
19. The girl I left behind me
20. The battle hymn of the Republic
21. St Patricks day
22. "3 Godfathers" (Main Title)
23. The beutiful river (shall we gather at the river)
24. The last round-up
25. Whoopie ti yi yo
26. The streets of Laredo (A cowboys lament)
27. O, bury me not on the lone prairie
28. Goodbye, old paint
29. Hark! The herald angels sing
30. Silent night, holy night

1. (Round her neck) She wore a yellow ribbon (Main Title) / The girl I left behind me
2. (Round her neck) She wore a yellow ribbon
3. The girl I left behind me
4. The son of a gambolier
5. Bury me out on the lone prairie
6. The battle hymn of the Republic
7. "Rio Grande" (Main Title)
8. Return from petrol ("Rio Grande")
9. Soldiers fight ("Rio Grande")
10. Yellow stripes ("Rio Grande")
11. Ill take you home again, Kathleen ("Rio Grande")
12. Dispossessed ("Rio Grande")
13. Cattle call ("Rio Grande")
14. Reunion ("Rio Grande")
15. Aha, San Antone ("Rio Grande")
16. Indian raid / Escape ("Rio Grande")
17. The erie canal ("Rio Grande")
18. Laundresses row ("Rio Grande")
19. Meeting at the Rio Grande ("Rio Grande")
20. My gal is purple ("Rio Grande")
21. Down by the Glen side ("Rio Grande")
22. Footsore cavalry ("Rio Grande")
23. Confederate dollars and yankee gold ("Rio Grande")
24. Departure for Fort Bliss ("Rio Grande")
25. Tyree meets wagon train / Indian attack ("Rio Grande")
26. Call your volunteers ("Rio Grande")
27. Nighttime approach / Rescuing the children ("Rio Grande")
28. Coming home ("Rio Grande")
29. Dixie ("Rio Grande")
30. Dixie
31. Cattle call
32. Aha, San Antone
33. The irish washerwoman
34. Oh, The days of the Kerry dancing
35. Ill take you home again, Kathleen

1. "The searchers" (Ride away)
2. Sweet Lorena
3. Lorena
4. Skip to my Lou
5. The yellow rose of Texas
6. Ride away
7. Dixie ("Horse Soldiers")
8. I left my love ("Horse Soldiers")
9. Lorena ("Horse Soldiers")
10. Bonnie blue flag (Vocal) ("Horse Soldiers")
11. I left my love (Instrumental) ("Horse Soldiers")
12. When Johnny comes marching home (Instrumental) ("Horse Soldiers")
13. Bonnie blue flag (Instrumental) ("Horse Soldiers")
14. The girl I left behind (Vocal) ("Horse Soldiers")
15. Deep river / Lorena ("Horse Soldiers")
16. Kingdom coming ("Horse Soldiers")
17. Tenting tonight ("Horse Soldiers")
18. By the campfire ("Horse Soldiers")
19. Deep river
20. "The man who shot Liberty Valence" (Main Title)
21. "The man who shot Liberty Valence"
22. The man who shot Liberty Valence
23. Home on the range
24. Home on the range
25. Carmen, Carmela
26. Marianina
27. Rign, ring de banjo
28. De Camptown races
29. My darling Clementine
30. Therell be a hot time in the old town tonight
31. Sweet Genevieve
Tuotanto: Cherry Red
Julkaisu: 29.6.2018
Formaatti: 3 CDs
Genre: Elokuvamusiikki, CD

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