Connie Francis - The Singles Collection


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1. Whos sorry now
2. Lipstick on your collar
3. Where the boys are
4. Too many rules
5. Happy days and lonely nights
6. Breakin in a brand new broken heart
7. Mama
8. Heartaches
9. Frankie
10. You always hurt the one you love
11. Aint that better baby
12. Many tears ago
13. Pretty little baby
14. Second hand love
15. Ill get by
16. I never had a sweetheart
17. Fallin
18. He thinks I still care
19. Never before
20. Among my souvenirs

1. Everybodys somebodys fool
2. Stupid cupid
3. My heart has a mind of its own
4. When the boy in your arms (is the boy in your heart)
5. Playing games
6. Together
7. Plenty good livin
8. I miss you so
9. (Hes my) dreamboat
10. Toward the end of the day
11. Do you love me like you kiss me
12. Mr. Twister
13. Im falling in love with you tonight
14. Drop it Joe
15. You were only fooling (While I was falling in love)
16. Lock up your heart
17. Dont break the heart that loves you
18. Its gonna take me some time
19. Valentino
20. Im gonna be warm this winter

1. Robot man
2. Vacation
3. My happiness
4. Carolina moon
5. Baby roo
6. Youre gonna miss me
7. If I didnt care
8. Teddy
9. Im sorry I made you cry
10. Senza mama (with no one)
11. Jealous of you (Tango della gelosia)
12. Someone elses boy
13. Dont cry on my shoulder
14. No one
15. I was such a fool (to fall in love with you)
16. Hollywood
17. In the valley of love
18. Malagueña
19. Little blue Wren
20. Babys first Christmas
Tuotanto: Not Now
Julkaisu: 10.8.2015
Lisätietoa: Digipack
Formaatti: 3 CDs
Genre: Easy Listening, CD

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