Clyde Moody - Good Ol Days, The

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1. The blues came pouring down
2. I dreamed you dreamed of me
3. Red roses tied in blue
4. Carrolina waltz
5. That little log cabin of mine
6. Next Sunday, darling, is my birthday
7. I love you because
8. Cherokee waltz
9. Youre a real sweetheart to me
10. She cooked my goose
11. I wont care a hundred years from now
12. Youll never know what Ive been through
13. Tears on my pillow
14. Its too late to say yoe were wrong
15. Im sorry if thats the way you feel
16. Shenandoah waltz
17. Theres a big rock in the road
18. Six white horses
19. Lonely broken heart
20. Tend to your business
21. West Virginia waltz
22. The angels must have cried last night
23. Youre still on my mind
24. The weeping heart
25. A beautiful life
26. Tis sweet to be remembered
27. I can hear the angels singing
28. Im waiting to hear you call me darling
29. Shake my mothers hand for me
Tuotanto: Righteous
Julkaisu: 12.4.2010
Formaatti: CD
Genre: Country, CD

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